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Stanford Conservative Society (SCS) serves as an outlet for conservative students on campus who seek fellowship with other conservatives, intellectual engagement, and participation in the conservative movement. SCS comprises a diverse group of students including conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, and moderates.

In 2007, Grant Starrett founded the Stanford Conservative Society to fill a void on campus. The university lacked groups that were designed to help promote the discussion of political ideas. But it also lacked any student group catering to conservatives on campus. Since 2007, SCS has grown into the largest political group on campus.

Participating in SCS is easy. Simply join the email list and then come to as many events as you would like. Because it's an election year, SCS has a busy schedule this Fall. You can help us campaign for the Republican Presidential ticket, hang out at our social gatherings, watch Paul Ryan demolish Joe Biden in the VP debate, and celebrate with us after Romney wins in November. Check the links on the right to get involved.