Frequently Asked Questions - For instructors

Content items especially relevant to instructors.

Are CourseWork site(s) automatically created for my course(s)?

CourseWork sites are not automatically created. Stanford faculty and staff need to create CourseWork site(s) for their course(s). See "How do I create a new course site in CourseWork v5?" in our FAQ section for more details on site creation.  

How do I create a new course site in CourseWork v5?

Go to and login. You will automatically be taken to a site called My Workspace. If you are a Stanford faculty or staff member, you will see Worksite Setup among the tools in My Workspace. Click on Worksite Setup, then click New. You will be stepped through the process of setting up a site. At the end of the process, a CourseWork site will be created. The site will display any available Axess enrollment data, as long as you are the instructor of record. If you are not the instructor of record, the site will be requested rather than created. A verification email will be sent to the instructor of record and the CourseWork team. When the course site has been verified by the CourseWork team, Axess enrollment data will then be made available.

Why can't students see materials in my site?

When materials are imported from another site, they are designated as "hidden" by default (indicated by gray text). That means they are not visible to students and guests, but are still accessible to instructional staff. This change was implemented in Spring 2009 to match the functionality of our old system and to prevent unintentional release of materials to students, about which there were many complaints.

You can make individual or multiple items visible by checking the box(es) next to the item(s) and clicking the Show link at the top of the screen. Showing a folder will also show all the items within the folder, unless an item is individually designated as hidden. Alternatively, you can show an item by going to Actions > Revise Details, selecting the Show option, and clicking the Update button.

How do I import discussion (or lab) section registration from Axess into my CourseWork site?

If you manage section registration of discussion, lab, or other non-lecture sections in Axess, you can pull that data into CourseWork. Then, changes in section membership will be reflected automatically in the CourseWork site. You will need to have the Instructor, Course Admin, or TA role to complete these steps.

NOTE: If the site was created by someone other than the instructor of record, the instructor will need to approve the site request before any additional rosters can be added.

  • Go to the desired course site and click Site Info in the left navigation bar.
  • Click the Add Roster(s) link at the top of the Site Info page.
  • Select the roster(s) you want to add to the site.
  • Click Continue, then Add Class Roster(s) to confirm.

You will also need the Section Info tool added to your site and set to Automatic Management to make use of this data.

  • If you don't already have the Section Info tool in your CourseWork site, go to Site Info > Edit Tools and add it.
  • Then, click Section Info in the left navigation bar.
  • Click the Options link at the top of the Section Info page.
  • Select the 'Automatically manage sections and memberships' option.
  • Click Update, then Automatically Manage to confirm.

What are the different ways in which students can gain access to my CourseWork site?

CourseWork v5 affords you flexibility in defining course site access. You can limit site access to course participants only OR allow anyone with a valid SUNet ID to join. If you limit access to course participants, students will only have access to your site if they are officially registered through Axess or if you add them to your site manually. If you give access to anyone with a valid SUNet ID, students can use the Membership tool in their My Workspace to join your site. See "How do I add people to my CourseWork site?" in our FAQ section for more details on adding site participants manually.

How do I add people to my CourseWork site? (e.g., auditing students, guests, teaching assistants, course admins)

Go to your CourseWork site, click Site Info in the left navigation bar, then click Add Participants at the top of the page. Enter the SUNet ID of the person you want to add in the given text box. You can add more than one SUNet ID at a time, one per line. Choose a role for each person. Select whether or not to send email notification to the participants being added, then verify information and click Finish.

How do I switch between student view and instructor view?

In CourseWork v5, there is no toggle available to instructors to see a student view. The major difference between student and instructor view is that only instructors and users with administrative privileges (e.g., course admin) can see the administrative links under each tool. For example, students will not see the Add, Merge, Options, Permissions links under the Announcements tool whereas instructors do see these links. 

Can I submit grades in CourseWork?

Grades you enter in CourseWork DO NOT get sent to Axess, the system used for submitting official grades. You will need to log into Axess and enter grades there to fulfill your grading obligation. Please see the this helpful guide on Recording & Submitting Grades in Axess for further instructions.

Can I make certain course content publicly accessible to users without a SUNet ID?

In CourseWork v5, content within the following tools can be made available to the general public:

* Announcements
* Materials
* Syllabus

The access designation can be set for each item separately when added via the web interface. To view your site’s publicly available content, go to, then click on Search Sites in the left navigation bar (BEFORE logging in). Search for your course site, then click on your course site’s title. NOTE: Make sure your course site’s access setting is set to ‘Publish.’ Otherwise, your course site will not show up under Search Sites.

How can I upload multiple files to the Materials tool (or upload/download multiple files in the Drop Box tool)?

CourseWork v5 utilizes a web protocol called WebDav to allow you to access your site’s Materials or Drop Box tool as a local folder from which you can drag and drop files in or out.

   1. Get the WebDav URL for your CourseWork site:
          * Login to
          * Go to your site
          * Click the Materials tool on the left
          * Click the "Upload-Download Multiple Materials" link at the top
          * Copy the SiteID for your site
          * Materials’ URL syntax:
          * Drop Box’s URL syntax: (same as Materials except add group-user after dav/)
   2. Make a WebDAV connection to your site’s Materials or Dropbox tool, following the instructions under Upload-Download Multiple Materials.
   3. Drag and drop files from your local desktop to your Materials or Drop Box folder to upload them to your site or download files from your site to your local desktop.

What is the maximum file size limitation for uploading files through the Discussion tool (CourseForum)?

There is a 12 MB limit per file upload via the Discussion tool.

What is the maximum file size limitation for uploading files through CourseWork?

There is a 40MB limit per upload request via the web interface. The upload quota in CourseWork v5 does not work on a file-by-file basis. It works on a request basis. This means that if you try to upload 5 files at once, the quota is applied against the SUM of these files.