Join a Site

To add yourself to a CourseWork site:

  1. Go to My Workspace and click Membership in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click the Joinable Sites link at the top of the Membership page.
  3. To find the site you want to join, either browse the list of joinable sites using the navigation buttons on the right side of the page or use the search box. The search string must match the site title. If you want to join W09-PWR-2-04, then searching for "W09-PWR", "PWR-2", "PWR-2-04" or using the whole site title would work. However, "PWR 2" would not work because there is no space in the site title.

    NOTE: If you can not find your course site in the list, either the site is not set up to allow students to add themselves or the instructor has not created a CourseWork site.

  4. Click the Join link under the name of the desired course site.
  5. The course site will now appear as a tab in the site navigation bar (or will be listed under the My Active Sites tab if you already have quite a few course sites).
  6. You can also click on My Current Sites at the top of the Membership page to confirm the course site is now in your list.