What is My Workspace?

In CourseWork v5, each user has his or her own private site called My Workspace. After logging in to CourseWork, you will automatically be taken to My Workspace. This is the space where the CourseWork support team may post important messages. Additionally, this space may be used to do the following:

    * Via Announcements, view announcements from all of your sites.
    * Via Membership, join CourseWork sites that grant access to Stanford members/affiliates without needing to register in Axess.
    * Via Preferences, customize which course tabs show up on the horizontal navigation bar as well as choose how you would like to be notified of new or changed items (e.g., announcements, materials) on sites to which you belong.
    * Via Schedule, view an integrated calendar for all sites in which you participate.

If you are an instructor or staff member, the following capabilities are available to you in My Workspace:

    * Via Materials, store course-related documents prior to being published to a specific course.
    * Via Worksite Setup, set up CourseWork sites.