How can I upload multiple files to the Materials tool (or upload/download multiple files in the Drop Box tool)?

CourseWork v5 utilizes a web protocol called WebDav to allow you to access your site’s Materials or Drop Box tool as a local folder from which you can drag and drop files in or out.

   1. Get the WebDav URL for your CourseWork site:
          * Login to
          * Go to your site
          * Click the Materials tool on the left
          * Click the "Upload-Download Multiple Materials" link at the top
          * Copy the SiteID for your site
          * Materials’ URL syntax:
          * Drop Box’s URL syntax: (same as Materials except add group-user after dav/)
   2. Make a WebDAV connection to your site’s Materials or Dropbox tool, following the instructions under Upload-Download Multiple Materials.
   3. Drag and drop files from your local desktop to your Materials or Drop Box folder to upload them to your site or download files from your site to your local desktop.