Getting Started

Log in to CourseWork

  1. Open a web browser (PC users: Internet Explorer 6.x, Firefox 1.x and up. Mac users: Firefox 1.x and up).
  2. Go to
  3. Click the login button located on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. If you have not already authenticated via Stanford WebAuth (i.e., WebLogin), you will be prompted to enter your SUNet ID and password. You will then see a directing URL. Click on this URL to access CourseWork.

My Workspace

After logging into CourseWork, you will automatically be taken to your own private space called My Workspace. It is the first tab on the left-hand side of the site navigation bar. This is the space where the CourseWork support team may post important messages. Additionally, this space may be used to do the following:

  • Announcements - view announcements from all of your sites
  • Membership - join CourseWork sites that grant access to Stanford members/affiliates without needing to register in Axess
  • Preferences - customize which course tabs show up on the horizontal navigation bar and choose how you would like to be notified of new or changed items (e.g., announcements, materials) on sites to which you belong
  • Schedule - view an integrated calendar for all sites in which you participate

If you are an instructor or staff member, the following capabilities are available to you in My Workspace:

  • Materials - store course-related documents prior to being published to a specific course
  • Worksite Setup - set up CourseWork sites

Overview of the User Interface (UI)

  1. Site Navigation – CourseWork sites are laid out as a row of individual tabs along the top of the page, starting with My Workspace. Sites are ordered from left to right, first by term in ascending order, then alphabetically by course subject area. Course names follow the convention of Term-SubjectArea-Course#-Section# (e.g., F07-CEE-199-03). Course sites not displayed on the course site navigation bar may be found by clicking the My Active Sites tab to the right.

    NOTE: To trim down the list of viewable sites on the course site navigation bar, go to the Preferences tool in your My Workspace site, click on Customize Tabs, then move the courses that you do not wish to see to Sites not visible in Tabs.

  2. Tool Navigation – Along the left side of the page is a column of tools that you can use within a specific CourseWork site, always starting with Homepage.
  3. Tool Content – Content will appear in a frame to the right of the Tool Navigation bar.


CourseWork v5 is designed to function independently of your web browser’s buttons. When you are working with a tool and you want to return to a previous screen or step, scroll to the bottom of the Tool Content frame and click the Back or Cancel button. To restart the tool, click the Reset button at the top of the frame. Do not click the back button in your web browser.

  1. Reset Button – returns to the starting point of the Tool Content frame, cancels current actions and collapses all folders.
  2. Expand/Collapse All Folders Button – displays or hides all content in current Location.
  3. Expand/Collapse Individual Folder Button – displays or hides content in one particular folder in current Location.
  4. Folder Title – changes the display to show only the items in a particular folder.
  5. Location Link – returns view to selected folder
  6. Up Level Button – returns display to the folder one level higher
  7. Administrative Links (Instructional Staff only) – allows instructional staff to customize tools and edit content