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We want to profile instructors who are making good use of the CourseWork environment for communication, class organization, instruction, and collaboration. If you know of an instructor who does an above-average job of enhancing their class with CourseWork, please drop us a line. And if you think you are such an instructor, don’t be modest — we want to hear from you too. What are we looking for?

  • Does this instructor do a fantastic job of using CourseWork to keep students in the loop about announcements, assignments and updates?
  • Is this course site organized well and full of supporting materials and websites?
  • Does this class use CourseWork Tools such as Materials, Discussion or Wiki to enable student collaboration?

Contact us via comments below (we will read but will not publish). Tell us the course name and number and what is notable about this instructor’s use of CourseWork. We will take a look at their course and may contact them to be profiled in a future edition of Teaching with CourseWork.
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