Organization of CourseWork

CourseWork is built from Web page tools such as the Announcement or Homepage tool. These tools display the different pages in course Web sites. Each course Web page has two views: a Student View and an Admin View. In the Admin View of a page, you can add the information to be displayed by that tool.

To get to the Admin View of any Web tool page (from the Student View), click the Admin <name of tool> (e.g., Admin Course Homepage) link in the upper right hand side of the CourseWork screen. Only instructors, TAs, and Web page administrators can see the Admin View of their site.

There are also several general CourseWork tools that manage information required by many of the Web pages. These tools are accessed from the Admin Course page. The general tools include:

  • Course and Section Setup to enter the section information and allow students to add themselves to a CourseWork site,

  • Admin People to add and remove people from the Web site access list,

  • Admin Tools to add or remove Web page tools from the site, and

  • Admin Email to send or review email to students.

Student View

All CourseWork windows that students can access have a similar layout. The windows consist of a header, navigation bar, the tool content area, and footer. Instructors (and others with admin privileges) can toggle between the Student View and the Admin View by clicking the link near the top right of the CourseWork window that states either Admin <name of tool> or Student <name of tool>.

The Header

At the top of all CourseWork Student View pages is the header. It includes the CourseWork logo on the left, a welcome message, which has your name listed, in the center, and on the far right, links to edit your profile, get online help and to logout from Coursework. Note: If you see someone else’s name in the welcome message, then you need to logout and login again with YOUR password. You are probably using a computer on which someone forgot to log out.

Directly beneath these items, but still in the header, is the course name in large letters, and then, under it, is the name of the Web tool that you are using. Directly below the name of the tool is the breadcrumb trail which shows you the path back to the top level of CourseWork. The top level, named “My Courses” is where you see the list of courses in which you are registered. You can click the name of any page in the breadcrumb trail and jump there. The breadcrumb trail is useful for making large jumps across the system or backing up to previous screens. (Clicking on the breadcrumb trail is preferable to using the back button on your browser.)

In addition, instructors (and others with admin privileges) will see a link labeled Admin <name of tool> on the right side of the header. It takes them to the Admin View of that particular tool where they can make tool-specific changes.

The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is located on the left side of the CourseWork window. It lists all the tools that are available for the course Web site in which you are currently working.

You can click any tool in the navigation bar to jump there. The current tool will be shown as black text against a white background in the navigation bar.

Note: Instructors (and others with admin privileges) will see a button labeled Admin Course at the bottom of the navigation bar that allows them to make course-wide administration changes. This button takes them to the same Admin Course page as does the Admin Course link that appears on the My Courses page to the right of a course listing.

The Tool Content Area

To the right of the navigation bar is the tool content area, where the data for the different tools is shown.

The Footer

The footer is the area at the bottom of the screen. On the left, it lists the date and time that you last displayed a new screen in CourseWork. There are links to the Academic Computing group in the center, and to the HelpSU system on the right. When you click HelpSU, a window opens in which you can describe your technical problem. This message is sent to the technical help team that supports CourseWork.

Please describe the technical problem in detail and indicate which browser and operating system (Mac or Windows) you are using. You will receive email from the help staff within 1 business day.

If you are having academic problems, or do not understand an assignment, you should contact the instructors in your course. If the program malfunctions, then click HelpSU at the bottom right of every screen and submit a report.

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