Admin View

Most of the pages in the Admin View have a layout that shows much the same information as in the Student View. It consists of a header, navigation bar on the left-hand side, the tool admin area, and a footer. Instructors (and others with admin privileges) can toggle between the Student View and the Admin View by clicking the Admin <name of tool> or Student <name of tool> link near the top right of the CourseWork window.

The Header

The header in the Admin View is similar to the one in the Student View, except that it has a Student <name of tool> link on the right side.

The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is located on the left side of the CourseWork window. It lists all the tools that are available for the course Web site in which you are currently working.

The Tool Admin Area

To the right of the navigation bar is the tool admin area. It looks much the same as the student view of the tool content area, but has links on the right that lets you use wizards to change your Web site. Wizards guide you through some process, such as adding content to your Web site. When you click a wizard link, a small window will open with instructions to help you carry out the operation you selected. See Wizards for more information.

The Footer

The footer is identical to the one in the Student View. On the left, it lists the date and time that you last displayed a new screen in CourseWork. There are links to the Academic Computing group in the center, and to the HelpSU system on the right. Remember that the HelpSU link on the right is used to get technical help through email.

When you click HelpSU, a window opens in which you can describe your technical problem and send it to the CourseWork staff. Please describe the problem in detail and tell us which browser and operating system (Mac or Windows) you are using. You will receive email from the help staff within 1 business day.

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