CourseWork uses wizards to assist you with step-by-step instructions for administrative activities such as entering information, making editing changes, or removing materials from a course. Many of the links on the Admin Course and Admin Tools pages take you to a wizard.

Wizards appear in a window smaller than the normal CourseWork window. A wizard has several parts. Starting from the top of the wizard you will see: a header, navigation instructions, main activity instruction, a data display or input area, and the navigation buttons.

The header names the goal of the wizard and may display how many steps there are in the wizard, along with which step you are on.

Immediately below the header are the navigation instructions that tell you what happens if you click the navigation buttons. The navigation buttons are near the bottom of the screen and sometimes do not show without scrolling the window. The navigation instructions are in italics.

The main activity instructions explain what you should do in this step of the wizard. These instructions are not shown in every step of a wizard. If what you should do is obvious (such as filling out a form), then they are omitted. The main instructions are in red and a bit larger than the navigation instructions. Any special explanations are in black and smaller than the large red instructions, which they follow.

The data displays and input area ask the user to enter information or to make choices (e.g., do you want to generate a public home page?). They are located beneath the main instructions.

The navigation buttons are at the bottom of the screen. They are usually in the order Prev(previous)ious, Cancel, and Next, where the final action may be Save, or Reorder. Not all the buttons are shown for each step. For instance, step one in a wizard has no Prev button.

There can be many steps in a wizard; each one appears as a new page in the wizard window. You usually only enter 1 to 4 items on a single step. Some wizards are two steps long, and some as many as 6 steps.

The next-to-last step of the wizard is always the action step that actually makes the change. This step always has a button labeled with the action to be completed. This step usually gives you a preview of how the results of your action will look to the student.

The final step of the wizard is a confirmation step stating that the changes were updated. It only has one button: OK, which closes the wizard window.

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