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The CourseWork Admin system is organized so that functions that have to do with setting up the basics of the course are accessed at the Admin Course page. These functions include identifying the quarter for the course, adding students and instructors, and selecting which CourseWork tools will be displayed on the course Web site. Note: To edit CourseWork pages that are associated with a specific tool, then click the Admin <name of tool> link near the top right of the CourseWork window from the Student View or click the Admin <name of tool> on the left navigation bar if you're in the Admin View.

How to Get There

Option 1:

To access the Admin Course page, first go to the My Courses page. (You will always see My Courses in the “breadcrumb trail” near the top of the CourseWork window—click the name, My Courses to go there.)

On the My Courses page, you will see the list of courses for which you are registered. If you are registered as an instructor, TA, designer, or admin, you will see a link to the right of the course name labeled “Admin Course.” Click this link to go to the Admin Course page.

Option 2:

From the Student or Admin View of any course Web page, instructors (and others with admin privileges) will see a button labeled Admin Course at the bottom of the navigation bar that allows them to make course-wide administration changes. Click this button to go to the Admin Course page.

Note: If you are an instructor and do not see the Admin Course link, contact the head instructor for the course who controls the access to the program, or, if you unable to do so, send a help message to the CourseWork team by clicking the HelpSU link at the bottom of the screen and describing your problem in the window that appears.

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