Course and Section Setup


Course and Section Setup, located within a course's Admin Course pages, allows instructors to edit the Add Course via CourseWork option and section information.

Points to Remember

Once your course has been set up in CourseWork, you can only modify whether or not to allow students to add themselves to your CourseWork site. Read more about the different ways that students can have access to your CourseWork site. All other information was entered by the system administrator and corresponds to the official Registrar’s name and information for the course. If that information needs to be modified, click the HelpSU link located at the bottom of the Course Information section or at the bottom right of every screen and send a message.

When you click the link to Add New Section to your course, list the section's time, location, and section leader in the Display Name field and/or Description field. These fields are the only places where you can add section information for your course Web site.

If you want a link to section information to be displayed on your Course Homepage, you must first go to the Admin Course Homepage, click on the Edit link to the right of the Display Section Information line, and select Yes in the Display Section Information wizard.

Sections can be Inactive. This means that they will not be displayed on the Course Homepage and students cannot sign up for them. You will want to use this option when you load the section information for the course, but do not want students to see it.

There is no wait list when students sign up for sections in CourseWork. Students cannot sign up for a section after it has reached the Max Size. You can set the Max Size in the Add Section to Course wizard.

Getting to Course and Section Setup

  1. Go to the My Courses page and select the AdminCourse link for the course that you want to edit, OR, from the Student View of any course Web page, click the button labeled Admin Course at the bottom of the navigation bar.

  2. Click the Course and Section Setup link.

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