Add Section to Course Wizard

On the Course and Section Setup page, click the Add New Section link, located near the bottom right of the page. This will open the Add Section to Course wizard.

Step 1

Enter your section's Section Name, and description. Information entered in the Section Name and Description fields will be displayed in a pop-up window when students click on the section link on the Course Homepage. Note: List the time, location, and section leader in the Section Name field and/or Description field. These are the only places where you can add section information for your course Web site. Note: If you want a link, to section information, to be displayed on the Course Homepage, you must first go to the Admin Course Homepage, click on the Edit link to the right of the section and select Yes in the Display Section Information wizard.

If you select Yes for Allow Self-Registration, then students will be able to sign up for the section. It is suggested that you allow this option. It will save you or your administrator from typing all students' names in the Admin People Page to register them for the course Web site.

Enter the section's maximum size. There is no wait list in the CourseWork self-registration system. Students cannot register for a section after it has reached the “Max Size”.

Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making any changes. Click Save to advance to the next step in the wizard.

Step 2

In the final wizard screen, CourseWork reports that you've successfully added all of the information for your new section. Click OK to exit the wizard and return to the Course and Section Setup page.

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