Admin Roles and Privileges


Admin Roles and Privileges allows for the assignment of admin privileges to various roles within the course. The privileges dictate which admin functions a particular role can perform.

Points to Remember

Roles in CourseWork that can be assigned admin privileges include the following. Each role comes with a default set of privileges that can be modified.

  • instructor,

  • head TA,

  • TA,

  • courseadmin,

  • designer,

  • grader,

  • other admin (user-defineable admin role)

Instructor, head TA, and courseadmin can administer all tools and all course-wide functions by default. TA and other admin can administer all tools and all course-wide functions except for roles and privileges by default. Designer can only administer the course homepage, syllabus, schedule, and course materials tools by default. Admin rights to the remaining tools and course-wide functions need to be granted. Grader can only administer the assignments and grades tools by default. Admin rights to the discussion tool need to be granted. Grader cannot be granted admin rights to course-wide tools.

Roles in CourseWork that cannot be assigned admin privileges include the following. These roles, with the exception of dropped student, have read-only access to course content.

  • enrolled student (via Axess),

  • student (not enrolled via Axess),

  • guest,

  • dropped student

Enrolled students (via Axess) are those who have officially enrolled for your course. Students (not enrolled via Axess) are those who add themselves to CourseWork via “Add Course” or those added manually as students by a CourseWork administrator but they are not officially enrolled students. Guests are those who have been added to the course manually as guests by a CourseWork administrator. Dropped students are those who enrolled in a course via Axess and who dropped the course in Axess. Dropped students do not have access to course content.

All tools that are activated are visible to you as a course administrator on the nav bar even though you do not have permission to administer them. You will see the following message if you try to access a tool that you do not have permission to administer:"...Your role in this course currently restricts you from accessing this page. Please contact your instructor if this is an error..."

Deactivated tools will not show up on the Admin Roles and Privileges page. However, privileges associated with these tools will not be removed or altered in any way. These tools will retain the last privileges assigned when re-activated.

Getting to Admin Roles and Privileges

  • Go to the My Courses page and select the Admin Course link next to your course, OR, from any Admin page, click the button labeled Admin Course at the bottom of the navigation bar.

  • Click theAdmin Roles and Privileges link.

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