The Admin Tools page allows you to select which tools you want available on your course Web site (Course Home Page, Announcements, Syllabus, Schedule, Course Materials, Assignments, Discussion, Grades). Students will see these tools in the navigation bar. You can also go to any of the admin pages for the individual tools from this page by selecting the To Admin View link next to each tool.

Points to Remember

You must have the Course Homepage tool active. All other tools are optional. The Course Homepage is the entry point into your course Web site that is linked from the My Courses Page.

You can activate as many or as few tools as you wish for your course Web site.

All tools have an admin(istration) page that lets you set values and make edits on the data displayed by that tool.

If you deactivate a tool, the data that you have saved for that tool will not be lost. It will be available again if you reactivate the tool.

Getting to the Admin Tools

  1. Go to the My Courses page and select the Admin Course link for the course for which you want to edit, OR, from the Student View of any course Web page, click the button labeled Admin Course at the bottom of the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Admin Tools link.

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