Antivirus Protection

Prior to uploading or downloading files, we highly recommend that you download and install antivirus software on your computer. Stanford has a site license for Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition, which you can download at: (Mac) (Windows)

By default, Norton Antivirus is set to automatically scan files and repair any infected files discovered. Make sure that you update your antivirus definition files frequently, since they protect your computer against new viruses. You can update manually or schedule automatic updates.

To manually update

Mac OS X

  1. Your hard drive > Applications folder > Norton Solutions folder > locate and open LiveUpdate.

  2. Click Update Everything Now.

Mac OS 9

  1. Your hard drive > Utilities folder > Norton AntiVirus Folder > LiveUpdate Folder > locate and open LiveUpdate.

  2. Click Update Everything Now.


  1. Start Menu > Programs > Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition folder > Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition.

  2. Click the LiveUpdate button located on the lower right-hand side of the application window. This will launch the LiveUpdate wizard.

  3. Click Next to see what updates are available.

  4. Click Finish to exit the wizard once installed components have been updated.

  5. Click Exit to exit LiveUpdate.

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