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Admin Course Homepage allows you to enter basic course information that will be displayed on the Course Homepage. The information that you can enter includes the course description, meeting times and locations, and instructors' names and office hours. You can also add an image to your Course Homepage, add links to instructors' personal home pages, or add a link to an external course Web site if you have one. There are a number of wizards to help you create your course homepage.

Points to Remember

You have the option to create a public version of your CourseWork Course Homepage that people can see without a SUNet ID and password.

Note: If you have already created a customized homepage for your course that is accessible via “”, be aware that generating a public homepage via CourseWork will overwrite your customized homepage (i.e. selecting "Yes" in the Generate Public Course Homepage wizard will overwrite any Web page which exists at “/afs/ir/class/your_class_name/WWW/index.html”). Make sure you save your customized homepage under a different name (i.e., other than index.html) if you want to create a public homepage via CourseWork.

Entering information about instructors (e.g. their names, office hours, and links to their personal homepages) via Admin Course Homepage does not give the instructors access to the course Web site. Information entered here will only be displayed on your Course Homepage. You must also enter instructor names in the Admin People page which is used to set roles and grant access privileges.

Although Recent Announcements are displayed on the Course Homepage Student View, they are created via Admin Announcements, and not via Admin Course Hompage.

Getting to Admin Course Homepage

You can get to Admin Course Homepage by using either of the two methods below:

  • From the Student View of Course Homepage, click the Admin Course Homepage link on the upper right of the page, OR

  • From any Admin page, click the Admin Course Homepage button on the left navigation bar.

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