Admin Announcements allows you to create new announcements and to remove existing announcements.

Points to Remember

When you create an announcement, you can select whether to post it to the entire class or to selected people in the class. If Full Class is selected, then everyone in the class will see the announcement in the Student View of the Course Homepage and the Announcements page. If email announcement is selected, then everyone will also receive an email copy of the announcement.

If Course Offering(s) or Section(s) is selected, then only guests or students registered to those offerings or sections will see the announcement in the Student View of the Course Homepage and the Announcements page. If email announcement is selected, then only those registered to the offering(s) or section(s) will receive an email copy of the announcement.

Anyone with course administration capability can see all posted announcements in the Admin View of the Announcements page.

You cannot include HTML style tags and links in your announcement. Style tags will not be displayed and links, while displayed, will not work.

Technically, you can make the title and text very long in an announcement. However, for ease of use by the students, it is best to keep the title to one line and the body to one paragraph. If you have several ideas to post, you should consider using multiple messages.

No editing of announcements is allowed. If editing were allowed, then any student who viewed an announcement before it was edited would have no way to know it had been changed. If you want to make changes in an announcement, remove the old one and then create a new announcement with the changes.

You have the option to print out a copy of all the announcements that have been posted to your course. To do so, click on the Print-Friendly Version link on the upper right side of the page. This will launch a new browser window that displays printer-ready content. Click print on the browser button bar to print a copy of the page.

CourseWork will automatically display Recent Announcements (i.e. announcements posted during the past seven days) on both the Announcements page and the Course Homepage.

Only the first few lines of any announcement are shown on the Announcements page. Students can click the more link at the end of the last line shown of a long announcement to see the full text. If you post short announcements, then students can see them in full on the Announcements page.

Getting to Admin Announcements

You can get to Admin Announcements by using either of the two methods below:

  • From the Student View of Announcements, click the Admin Announcements link on the upper right of the page, OR

  • From any Admin page, click the Admin Announcements button on the left navigation bar.

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