Create New Announcement Wizard

On the Admin Announcements page, click the Create New Announcement link.

Step 1

Specify the intended recipients of the announcement. When posting an announcement, you can post it to the entire class or to one or more sections. Making an annoucement available to the Full Class is the default setting.

To make the announcement available to your discussion section(s), click the box next to the appropriate section(s). You can select more than one section at a time.

Enter your announcement's title and message. Note: You cannot include HTML style tags and links in your announcement message.

To email the announcement to your class or section(s), select yes for email announcement. By doing this, all students will receive an email with the full text of the announcement. The announcement will also be displayed on both the Announcements page and the Course Homepage.

Click Next to advance to Step 2 of the wizard. Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making any changes.

Step 2

Preview the announcement that you created in Step 1.

If you wish to post the announcement on your course Web site, click Save. The posted announcement will appear on the CourseWork Announcements and Course Homepage pages.

If you need to edit the announcement, click Prev to go back to Step 1. If you do not wish to post the announcement, click Cancel to exit the wizard.

Step 3

In the final wizard screen, CourseWork reports that you've successfully posted an announcement. Click OK to exit the wizard and return to the Admin Announcements page.

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