Admin Schedule allows you to create, edit, and remove course activities.

Points to Remember

The Schedule Tool is most useful if you are linking on-line content to specific activities such as lectures or other class meetings. For example, if you have readings that students should review to prepare for a lab, then the Schedule Tool will help to organize the material. If you do not have online readings assigned for class meetings, then you may want to simply distribute your schedule with a Word (or PDF or HTML) file through the Syllabus Tool.

Activities are entered in the schedule on a week-by-week basis. If an activity lasts two weeks, you will need to enter it twice, once for each week.

The listing of class meetings on the Course Homepage is not linked to the Schedule. If you list your lectures, class meetings, section meetings, or office hours in the schedule you will also need to list them again on the Course Homepage. Similarly if you listed activities on the Course Homepage you will need to re-enter them here.

There is no way to display section meetings in the schedule so that they will only be shown to students who are in the listed section. You can list section meetings in the schedule but they will be shown to all students.

Activities are always shown sorted in reverse chronological order of the start date/times.

You have the option to print a copy of your course’s schedule, for a particular week or for the entire course. Click the Student Schedule link in the upper right corner of the help screen. To print the schedule for a particular week, click the Week <#> link; to print the entire schedule, click the Full Schedule link. This will launch a new browser window that displays printer-ready content. Click print on the browser button bar to print a copy of the page.

Getting to Admin Schedule

You can get to Admin Schedule by using either of the two methods below:

  • From the Student View of Schedule, click the Admin Schedule link on the upper right of the page, OR

  • From any Admin page, click the Admin Schedule button on the left navigation bar.

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