Create New Course Activity Wizard

On the Admin Schedule page, click the week number in which you want to add an activity. You can only create activities for the selected week. Then click Create New Activity for Week <#> linkto launch the Create New Course Activity wizard.

Step 1

Enter your activity’s name and description. Note: The description field is optional. If you enter information in the description field, the information will be displayed under the title on the Course Schedule Page.

Select an activity type. If you do not find the appropriate activity type in the pull-down menu, then select “other.”

Select your activity’s start date and time. It is optional to include the end date and time.

Select a repeat setting; specify whether you wish the activity created in the current week to repeat every week, every two weeks, or not to repeat at all. If you select one of the recurring options, then the activity will be listed at the same time each week.

Note: If you edit repeated activities, editing only applies to a single week’s activity, not to all repeated activities. For example, supposing in your 4-week course, you have created an activity that is repeated every week. If you make changes to the activity in week 1, these edits will not automatically be updated for week 2, week 3, week 4. You need to go to week 2, week 3, and week 4 to make the same edits.

Click Next to go to Step 2. Click Cancel to exit without making any changes.

Step 2

Preview information entered in Step 1. Check to make sure everything is correct.

If all is correct, click Save to add this activity to the Schedule. If not, click Prev to return to Step 1 to make changes. Click Cancel to exit without making any changes.

Final Step

In the final wizard screen, CourseWork reports that your new activity has been successfully saved. Click OK to return to the Admin Schedule Page.

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