Remove Folder Wizard

On the Admin Course Materials page, locate the folder that you wish to remove. Make sure the folder you want to delete is expanded (i.e. the folder icon to the left of the folder name should show an open folder with a minus sign to its left), or else you will not see the Remove Folder link. If the folder is collapsed, click on the folder icon to expand it. Click Remove Folder link below the gray folder title bar.

Note: Removing a folder is irreversible. The folder along with its contents will be removed from CourseWork. Move any course materials you wish to retain into another folder before clicking Remove.

Step 1

To remove a folder from the Course Materials page, click the Remove button. Click Cancel if you want to exit the wizard without rmaking any changes.

Step 2

In the final wizard screen, CourseWork reports that you have successfully removed the folder from the Course Materials page. Click OK to return to the Admin Course Materials page.

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