Admin Assignments allows you to create, edit, and preview online assignments such as problem sets, short answer questions, writing assignments requiring file uploads, or quizzes.

Points to Remember

Types of Assignments
Due Date/Show Solutions Date
Release/Retract Assignments
Submit Assignments

Types of Assignements:

CourseWork supports the following types of assignments:

  • Standard Multi-Part Assigment

  • Quick (One-Part) Quiz

  • Quick Paper Submission Assignment

Assignments may have sections or “ parts ” made up of one or more questions. Each part is displayed as a single Web page to the students. A part may have introductory content material including an image and follow-up questions about that content.

The "Quick" in Quick Quiz and Quick Paper Submission refers to the speed and ease in generating the assignment. Each only contains a single part, which is automatically created. With the Quick Paper Submission type, the file-upload question is also automatically added for you.

This may or may not translate into a "Quick" assignment for students. Each will only have a single part, but if you put 30 questions in a Quick Quiz, it may not necessarily be quick for the students. Students never see any reference to the type of assignment it is. A full multi-part assignment and a quick quiz look the same to them, except for the fact that the quick quiz will always contain a single part.

You have the option to provide instant feedback in a Standard Multi-Part Assigment or a Quick (One-Part) Quiz. For assignments that do not provide instant feedback after submission, a student may resubmit his responses as often as s/he wants up until the due date. The instructor will see only the final submission.

There are several types of questions: multiple choice, multiple choice with rationale, short answer, audio response, or file upload.

Multiple choice questions have one correct answer. They are automatically scored.

Multiple choice with rationale questions have a normal multiple-choice question coupled with a text entry field in which students explain their answer. This type of question has been found effective in several years of testing at Stanford’s Learning Lab. The process of explaining science answers benefits the learner and generates detailed data, which helps the instructor identify student misconceptions. CourseWork can sort questions by those most frequently missed, allowing instructors to focus on those questions which cause the most problems.

Audio response questions allow the student to make an audio recording on their computer and submit the audio file to CourseWork. This type of question requires a plug-in for the student’s browser. If the plug-in is missing, then the browser displays the plug-in download site. This type of question is in use in Stanford’s foreign language courses.

A file upload question can be used for collecting writing assignments. Students submit their word-processed files. If you use this type of question, you should request that students submit a specified file format. Rich Text Format (RTF) is a good file format choice that can be created by all word processors. RTF maintains formatting and style information.

File upload questions can be used to collect any type of file, such as Matlab or PowerPoint assignments.

Due Date/Show Solutions Date

Online assignments with multiple choice and multiple choice with rationale question types are graded automatically by CourseWork although instructional staff can make adjustments to scores that have been automatically computed. Other question types (e.g., short answer, file upload) require manual grading. When you create an online assignment, you need to specify both the due date and show solutions date. It is recommended that you set the show solutions date later than the due date to give you time to manualy score student responses that are not automatically graded. If the due date and show solutions date are different, then students can only view their responses after the due date but they will not be able to see the solutions until the show solutions date.

Release/Retract Assignments

To make an assignment available to students in the Assignments Tool you can manually release the assignment or set a release date and time in advance when creating a new assignment.

If you need to make changes to an assignment (e.g., modify a question) after it is released, then you must retract it. When an assignment is retracted, students cannot access it on your course Web site. After you have made changes, you must release it again to make it available to students. It is recommended that you make an announcement to students using the Announcements Tool if you retract and change an assignment.

Submit Assignments

Students can submit an online assignment as many times as they wish up until the due date, at which time their most recent submission will be recorded. After the due date, students will have one final chance to submit their assignment including one last opportunity to complete any unanswered questions. However, students cannot modify questions that have already been answered.

If an online assignment is submitted late, those questions that were submitted prior to the due date will not be marked as late while the ones submitted after the due date will be tagged as late and given a zero score. The overall score will be the total score of the answers submitted before the due date (plus whatever adjustment the instructor wishes to give to the late responses).

If all responses were submitted late, then the overall score will be zero (although the instructor can adjust the total late score so that it is not zero). There is no way to prevent students from submitting a late assignment; they can submit it but will not automatically get credit for it. The late assignment submission was originally designed to accommodate students on University-sponsored events who need to complete assignments after the due date.

Getting to Admin Assignments

You can get to Admin Assignments by using either of the two methods below:

  • From the Student View of Assignments, click the Admin Assignments link on the upper right of the page, OR

  • From any Admin page, click the Admin Assignments button on the left navigation bar.

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