Edit Multi-Parts Assignment Wizard

On the Edit Assignment page, click the white Edit link on the top black bar to access the Edit Assignment wizard.

Step 1

Edit the assignment's name. This name is used to distinguish one assignment from another.

Information entered for the Text field often appears as instructions on how to complete the assignment.

If you do not want to record student scores for this assignment in the gradebook, select No.

As an option, you can specify when to release the assignment to students. Specify the date and time from the pull-down menus.

Specify when the assignment is due by selecting the date and time from the pull-down menus. Inputting a due date sets a time limit when students must complete their work.

If you wish to provide instant feedback to students upon submission of responses, select Yes.

Specify when you want to show the assignment's solutions by selecting the date and time from the pull-down menus. The solution release date is a time set after the due date that allows the students to see the correct answers and to receive feedback on their work. Note: if you select Yes to instant feedback, then skip this option.

The Keywords/Description field is optional and is only visible to the course admins. This can be used for the instructors to keep note about the assignment (e.g., for describing the goal/purpose of the assignment.)

Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making any changes. Click Save to save your changes to the assignment and to close out of the wizard.

Step 2

In the final wizard screen, CourseWork reports that you have successfully made changes to an assignment on the Assignments page. Click OK to exit the wizard and go back to the Edit Assignment page.

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