Retract Assignment Wizard

On the Admin Assignments page, click the Retract link next to an assignment to access the Retract Assignment wizard.

Step 1

If you want to make changes in an assignment after it is released, then you must retract it. To retract an assignment, click Save. Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making changes.

Note: When an assignment is retracted, students cannot access it on your course Web site. After you have made changes, then you must release it again to make it available to students. If you find that you need to modify a question after the students have started an online assignment, use this feature to make changes. It is recommended that you make an announcement to students using the Announcements Tool if you retract and change an assignment.

Step 2

In the final wizard screen, CourseWork reports that you have successfully retracted an assignment. Click OK to exit the wizard and go back to the Admin Assignments page.

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