Add Part to Assignment Wizard

Note: This wizard applies only to the Standard Multi-Part Assignment.

The use of parts allows the instructor to group questions together to address specific topics or areas of study within a single assignment. Each part is displayed as a single Web page to the students. One assignment can have as many parts as the instructor wants. Students are allowed to complete parts in any order.

On the Admin Assignments page, click the Edit link next to an assignment. This will bring you to the Edit Assignment page. Click the Add New Part link located at the bottom of the screen under Assignment Parts to access the Add Part to Assignment wizard.

Step 1

Enter the assignment part's name. Information entered for the Text field will often appear as instructions on how questions within a part should be completed. The Keywords/Description field is optional and is only visible to the course administrators. This can be used for the instructors to keep notes about the part.

Click Save to add a part to an assignment. Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making changes.

Step 2

In the final wizard screen, CourseWork reports that you have successfully added a part to the assignment. Click OK to exit the wizard and go back to the Edit Assignment page to see updated changes.

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