Admin Grades provides a centralized view of graded items within your class. It allows you to view grades for all assignments created via the Assignments tool as well as to add/adjust grades for items completed and submitted offline. You can also add final course grades in Admin Grades.

Points to Remember

The Grades tool only allows you to view and enter grades. No calculation is currently supported.

In order for online assignment grades to show up in the Grades tool, you need to select "yes" to "Include in Gradebook?" when creating an assignment in Admin Assignments.

The Grades tool provides a read-only view of scores for assignments created in the Assignments tool. You will need to go to Admin Assignments to enter or adjust scores for assignments created in the Assignments tool.

Each column in the Grades tool represents an item that can be assigned a grade (e.g., class participation, midterm exam). There are five types of items that you can add: Other Graded Item, Participation, Test/Quiz, Midterm Exam, and Final Exam. Grade columns are automatically generated for online assignments that you wish to include in the Grades tool.

Each column has the following designation: first initial of the column type followed be a numeric value (e.g., a column heading, T1, represents the first test/quiz). "A" columns represent assignments that were created in the Assignments tool. Each column heading has a corresponding descriptive name that you provide when you add a new column (e.g. T1 = Test on Chapters 1-5). These names appear in the Column Legend at the bottom of Admin Grades.

By clicking the name of a registered person in your course, you can find out the following information about this person via a pop-up window: Name, Role, Email, SunetID, and UnivID.

Columns can be sorted by date or by column type.

You have the option to make grades visible or invisible to students. A checkmark ( above a column indicates that this grade is visible to students in Student View. The checkmark indicates which columns will show up in the Student View, not necessarily that the grades for those columns are released. Columns created in Admin Grades are automatically visible to students when the column is made visible. Grades for on-line assignments will only be visible if the Solution Release Date has passed or after the grade has been entered by the administrator.

Getting to Admin Grades Page

You can get to Admin Grades by using either of the two methods below:

  • From the Student View of Grades, click the Admin Grades link on the upper right of the page, OR

  • From any Admin page, click the Admin Grades button on the left navigation bar.

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