Edit Grade Column

Note: this wizard allows you to make changes to a column's characteristics (i.e. its name, type, grade visibility, input type, description, or date). If you want to add/adjust grades for a particular column, go to the Edit Column Grades wizard.

On the Admin Grades page, click the appropriate View link (you can view grades for all registered persons, only students, or by section). On the next page, locate the Column Legend. If the Column Legend is not in view, click the Column Legend link on the far right top the page to bring the Column Legend into view. Locate the column that you wish to edit. Click the Edit link to launch the Edit a Grade Column wizard.

Edit Grade Column Wizard

Step 1

Edit the column name, type, grade visibility, input type, description, or date. For an explanation of these fields, refer to the Add Grade Column wizard.

Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making any changes. Click Save to proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Click OK to exit the wizard.

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