Send Individualized Email Feedback

On the Admin Grades page, click the appropriate View link (you can view grades for all registered persons, only students, or by section). On the next page, locate the person to whom you wish to provide feedback. Click the envelope icon next to his name to launch the Create New Email wizard.

Create New Email Wizard

Step 1

Provide a title for your email message.

Select yes next to CC Me if you want to send a copy of the email to yourself. Otherwise, leave the setting to its default value of no.

Type your feedback in the Message box.

Click Next to advance to the next step of the wizard. Click Cancel to exit without making any changes.

Step 2

Click Prev to go back and make changes to Step 1. Click Cancel to exit without making any changes. Click Save to save the email on your course web site and to send the email.

Step 3

Click OK to exit the wizard.

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