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The new Event Sign-Up tool is a flexible tool that can be used in a number of ways. Primarily, it provides an alternative solution to assigning students to lab sections, but it can be used to schedule class-related activities such as final presentations or office hour appointments. Whereas student assignment to class groupings are first-come, first-served using the Section Signup tool, the instructional staff makes the final placement decision using the Event Sign-Up tool. Since students can rank choices, the Event Sign-Up tool can also be used for polling purposes or have other creative applications beyond event scheduling.

Points to Remember

The Event Sign-Up tool allows students to select their preferences only; there is no automatic placement into an event session. An instructional staff member has to manually assign a student to a slot, referred to as event session in the tool. Even if only one student can sign up for an event session, the first student to sign up for that slot will not be assigned to it automatically. Rather, an instructional staff member needs to make the final assignment decision.

If you selected CourseWork Full when you submitted a CourseWork course request, the Event Sign-Up tool will appear automatically on your course’s navigation bar (on the far left side of a CourseWork page). If you selected CourseWork Basic, you will need to go to Admin Tools to activate this tool. You can access Admin Tools by clicking on Admin Course Homepage at the top right of the Student View of your course Homepage.

Getting to Admin Event Sign-Up

You can get to Event Sign-Up by using either of the two methods below:

  • From the Student View of Event Sign-Up, click the Admin Event Sign-Up link on the upper right of the page, OR

  • From any Admin page, click the Admin Event Sign-Up button on the left navigation bar.

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