Edit Event

On the Admin Event Sign-Up page, click the Edit link next to the event you want to change. The Edit Event wizard is launched, so you can make changes to that event.

Step 1

  1. Edit the name of the event. Description information is optional.

  2. Allow Preferences: Selecting Yes will allow students to select up to the three session choices for the event. If you select No, then students only have one choice to select.

  3. Allow Class to See Final Assignment? Selecting Yes will allow students to view final session assignments that the instructional staff has made.

  4. Specify the start/end dates and times, during which students can sign up for the event. You can select the dates via the respective pull-down menus or by clicking the calendar icon and selecting the date via the calendar feature.

  5. Click Next to advance to the next step. Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making any changes.

Step 2

You can preview the information entered in the previous step,by clicking Prev to return to the previous screen where you can make changes. Click Save to save your selections/entries in the previous step. Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making any changes.

Final Step

This step confirms that you have successfully made changes to the event. Click OK to return to the Admin Event Sign-Up page to see the changes you have made.

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