Remove Event

On the Admin Event Sign-Up page, click the Remove link next to the event you want to remove. The Remove Event wizard is launched so you can remove that event. Note that CourseWork will delete an event from both the Student and Admin Views if no student has signed up for it. If students have already signed up for an event, clicking Remove will remove the event and all associated event sessions from the Admin View. However, the event will appear as “CANCELLED” on the Student View.

Step 1

Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making any changes. If an event has student sign-ups, then click Save to delete the event from Admin View; however, the event will be marked as "CANCELLED" in Student View. If an event does not have student sign-ups, then click Remove to delete the event from both Admin and Student Views.

Final Step

This step confirms that you have successfully deleted or cancelled an event. Click OK to return to the Admin Sign-Up page to see the changes you have made.

Note: You will need to notify your students if an event has been cancelled; students will not be automatically notified.

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