Add Event Session

Once you have defined an event, you need to define the sessions associated with the event. For instance, if the event is office hour appointments, you need to specify the time slots that students can sign up.

You can add an event session immediately after you have defined the event or at a later time by going to the Admin Event Sign-Up page and clicking the Add Event Session link for that event to launch the Add Event Session wizard.

Step 1

  1. Enter a name for the session. Description information is optional.

  2. Specify the maximum number of people who can sign up for the session.

  3. Select whether the event session will have a wait list. The wait list option is only available if the event session is associated with an event that does not allow student to rank choices. For events where students are allowed to indicate more than one preference, there will not be an option for students to add themselves to a wait list.

  4. Click Next to advance to the next step. Click Cancel to exit the wizard without adding any session information to the event.

Step 2

You can preview the information entered in the previous step by clicking Prev to return to the previous screen where you can make changes. To save your selections/entries in the previous ste, click Save. Click Cancel to exit the wizard without making any changes.

Final Step

This step confirms that the event session has been created. Click OK to return to the Admin Sign-Up page to see the changes you have made. Click Add Another to add another event session.

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