Manage Sign-Up

On the Admin Event Sign-up page, click the Manage Sign-Up link. On the next page, the <event name> page, you will see a list of students and the session preference(s) they have selected for an event.

By default, data on this page is sorted by the students’ last name. However, you can also sort by date submitted in ascending chronological order (i.e., the first student to make a selection will appear first), or by session assigned. For event sessions that allow for ranking of choices, date submitted is associated with a student’s first preference only.

To assign a student to a session, select one of the session choices from the pull-down menu under the Adjust column. Click the Tally button at the bottom of the page to update the total count (how many slots are left relative to the maximum enrollment allotted for a session).

† denotes cancelled event sessions.

* denotes wait-listed event sessions.

You have the option to send an email to a student or group of students on this page. First, check the checkbox(es) next to the name(s) of the student(s) to whom you wish to send an email. Next, click the Compose Email to Checked Names link to launch the Create New Email wizard. Then create and send an email.

Click Cancel at the bottom of the page to exit that page and not save any changes made. You will be returned to the Admin Event Sign-Up page. To save changes to session assignments, click Save at the bottom of the Admin Event Registration page. You will see a confirmation screen that your action has been successfully recorded. Click the name of your event on that screen to return to the Admin Event Registration page and see the changes that you have made. Session assignments will be displayed under the Assigned column.

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