CourseWork Admin Help Guide


Organization of CourseWork
Student View
Admin View
Admin Course
How to Get There
Course and Section Setup
Set Add Course via CourseWork Status Wizard
Add Section to Course Wizard
Edit Info for Section Wizard
Remove Info for Section Wizard
Admin Roles and Privileges
Edit Admin Privileges for a Tool
Edit Admin Privileges for a Role
Points to Remember
Add Person to Course Wizard
Edit Person Wizard
Remove Person Wizard
Change Tool Status Wizard
Antivirus Protection
To manually update
To schedule automatic updates
Points to Remember
Create New Email Wizard
Review Email
Course Homepage
Points to Remember
Edit Course Description Wizard
Edit External Course URL Wizard
Edit Meeting Time & Place Wizard
Add Course HomePage Image Wizard
Remove Course HomePage Image Wizard
Display Section Information Wizard
Generate Public Homepage Wizard
Add Instructor Wizard
Edit Instructor Wizard
Remove Instructor Wizard
Reorder Instructors Wizard
Points to Remember
Create New Announcement Wizard
Remove Announcement Wizard
Add Syllabus Material
Edit Syllabus Material
Replace Syllabus Material
Reorder Syllabus Materials
Remove Syllabus Material
Add/Edit Syllabus Text
Generate Public Syllabus Wizard
Create New Course Activity Wizard
Edit Course Activity Wizard
Remove Course Activity Wizard
Add Material for Activity Wizard
Edit Material for Activity Wizard
Replace Material for Activity Wizard
Remove Material for Activity
Admin Course Materials
Add Course Material Wizard
Edit Course Material Wizard
Replace Content in Course Materials
Remove Course Material Wizard
Move Course Material Wizard
Reorder Course Materials Wizard
Release Course Materials Wizard
Add Folder Wizard
Rename Folder Wizard
Reorder Folders Wizard
Remove Folder Wizard
Add Assignment
Edit Assignment
Edit Multi-Parts Assignment Wizard
Preview Assignment
Release Assignment Wizard
Retract Assignment Wizard
Remove Assignment Wizard
Copy Assignment(s) Within a Course
Add Part to Assignment Wizard
Edit Assignment Part Wizard
Re-order Parts Wizard
Remove Part from Assignment Wizard
Add Content Wizard
Edit Content Wizard
Replace Content Wizard
Reorder Content Wizard
Remove Content Wizard
Remove Content Wizard
Add Question to Part Wizard
Edit Question Wizard
Reorder Questions Wizard
Remove Question Wizard
Add Answer Wizard
Edit Answer Wizard
Reorder Answers Wizard
Remove Answer from Question Wizard
View Scores
Enter/Adjust Score
Send Individualized Email Feedback
Add Discussion Link Wizard
Edit Discussion Link Wizard
Reorder Discussion Links Wizard
Remove Discussion Link Wizard
View Grades
Export Grades
Add Grade Column
Edit Grade Column
Remove Grade Column
Edit Column Grades
Edit Person's Grade
Edit Final Course Grades
Send Individualized Email Feedback
Event Sign-Up
Add Event
Edit Event
Remove Event
Add Event Session
Edit Event Session
Remove Event Session
Reorder Event Sessions
Manage Sign-Up
Export Sign-Ups

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