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CourseWork Open Source 3.0 Technical Documentation

Welcome to the CourseWork online technical documentation for open source v3.0. This website contains technical references and useful links for the CourseWork course management system. If you are looking for the open source v2.5 document, please click here.

Table of Contents:
  1. Coursework OKI Implementation
        · Javadoc
        · Source Code.

    You can also download stanfordoki.tar.

  2. Coursework 3.0 Technical Overview
        · Technical Overview in PowerPoint Slides
        · Core vs Tool Presentation

  3. Coursework 3.0 Open Source Information
        · Coursework License Agreement - Please read these terms carefully before downloading any code. CourseWork is subject to this license agreement.
        · Download Coursework 3.0 source file & Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) 1.2.2 and follow the installation instruction.
        · Coursework 3.0 Installation Instructions
        · Our Demo site for v3.0 is available at

  4. CourseWork Developer Documentation
        · CourseWork 3.0 Javadocs
        · CourseWork Oracle Schemas (PDF)

  5. Dynamic Template Language (DTL) Documentation
        · DTL Instructions
        · DTL Javadoc
        · Verify DTL Template

  6. Oracle Documentation
        · Oracle JDBC Javadoc
        · Oracle Technology Network
        · Oracle MetaLink Site

  7. Jakarta Documentation
        · TomCat documentation
        · Checklist for Debugging Apache->Tomcat Hand-off Problems

  8. Sun Java Docs
        · JDK 1.4.1 API
        · Servlet 2.3 API

  9. 3rd Party Java Tools

  10. Differences between Coursework open source 2.5 and open source 3.0
        · New features : Event Sign Up Tool
        · Improvement : new Load Balancer using Figure of Merit to distribute load, name of smtp server has been moved to the file instead of being hard coded.
        · Bug Fixes

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