3. Create A Working Directory For A Developer In The Development Server

Applications required: ant (probably in /usr/local/tomcat/lib/ already)

Useful Reference: Ant manual

  1. In this presentation, we have a developer with username "opensource". you can download the source file here (22MB).

  2. Our fictional developer "opensource" now has the following working directory

    Because of licensing issue, the tar file that you downloaded does not include the following jar files: US_export_policy.jar, local_policy.jar, jce1_2_2.jar and sunjce_provider.jar.

    You may download them at Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) 1.2.2 Site. You should then place them in the lib/ directory before continuing.

  3. If the devloper is other than "opensource", you should replace "opensource" with the developer username in build.xml, conf/log4j.properties, conf/oracle.properties and etc/web.xml (and conf/printreserver, conf/registry.properties for Stanford development only)

  4. Modify edu/stanford/coursework/email/email.properties
    set smtp_server to your smtp server (our email.properties)

    In our server, we have configured Sendmail to handle emails. The advantage of this is that Sendmail will therefore be responsible in forwarding and resending email via our smtp.stanford.edu. If you are interested in doing that, read this sendmail instruction from our support.

  5. Use ant to create a tomcat web container for our web application "coursework-v3-opensource". In this presentaion, the tomcat web container for user "opensource" will be created at /users/opensource/tomcat/webapps/coursework-v3-opensource/. The url for this web application will be http://coursework-dev2.stanford.edu/coursework-v3-opensource/.

    % cd /users/opensource/coursework-v3-opensource/

    % ./build clean

    % ./build

    Apart from copying the conf/, dtl/ and lib/ directory from /user/opensource/coursework-v3-opensource/ to the web container, ant will also evoke compilation of all the *.java in the src/. (See build.xml for details of ant instructions)

  6. A number of servlets and libraries included in the tar file are Stanford Specific and they would not work in your institute.

    These servlets are: RequestCourse.java, AdminRequestCourse.java, Discussion.java, AdminPrintReserve, Sopi.java and SopiConf.java.

    These libraries are: edu.stanford.coursework.courserequest