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The CPN plans to offer several classes for non science majors and general audiences in the near future. In addition, the CPN is collaborating with the Exploratorium as part of the recent Nanoscale Informal Science Education (NISE) Network initiative and is working with The Tech Museum of Innovation to generate ideas for interactive nanoscale science exhibits.

Continuing Education Courses

 Exploring the Nanoscale World
(Stanford Continuing Studies, Fall 2006, Kyle Cole)

Description: Rapid advancements in the last decade have allowed us to visualize and manipulate matter at an unprecedented scale. The emerging fields of nanotechnology and nanoscale science have developed tools to manipulate structures ranging from individual atoms to particles one hundred thousand times finer than a human hair. How do we visualize such tiny objects? How do the properties of matter change at this scale? What kind of impact will nanotechnology have on our daily lives? This course will cover important advances in nanoscale science and technology including the tools used to image and control nanoscale objects and phenomena, the properties of matter at the nanoscale, and future applications of nanotechnology. While we will cover cutting-edge research, an extensive scientific background is not required. In addition to lectures, we will use large-scale models of nanoprobes, such as the magnetic force microscope, to gain a better understanding of how these tools work.

 Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Engineering
(Santa Clara University, Winter 2007, Kyle Cole)

 Upcoming classes

Professional Ethics for Scientists
Societal and Ethical Implications of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

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