Workshop on Race, Ethnicity and Language in Schools

January 3, 2011 - March 12, 2011
Workshop on Race, Ethnicity and Language in Schools 2011

This year, CREAL hosted its inaugural "Workshop on Race, Ethnicity and Language in Schools," which examined the profound and enduring relationships between race, ethnicity and language in education in the U.S. and elsewhere. The workshop brought together an interdisciplinary group of leading scholars and graduate students in language and education—anthropologists, linguists, literacy specialists, policy analysts, psychologists and educators—to address the role of race and ethnicity in a host of complex and controversial language educational issues. As an ongoing initiative, the workshop interrogates a wide range of issues that cut across the areas of practice—the dynamic processes of teaching and learning—and policy, as well as informs the language education of linguistically profiled and marginalized populations.

The CCSRE Fall 2011 Newsletter featured the event, which hosted the following for CREAL's inaugural year:

  • A book talk and signing by leading sociolinguist and linguistic anthropologist, Mary Bucholtz of UC Santa Barbara, author of White Kids: Language, Race, and Styles of Youth Identity, Cambridge University Press, 2011
  • A lecture titled, "The Socially Meaningful Use of English among Norwegian Learners," given by Ulrikke Rindal from the Department of Teacher Education and School Development in the University of Oslo
  • Lectures by various Stanford University faculty in the School of Education, including:
    • Arnetha F. Ball "A Comparative Perspective and Model on Language Learning and Race in the U.S. and South Africa"
    • Bryan Brown "Discursive Identity and Conceptual Continuity: A Methodological Workshop"
    • Claude Goldenberg and doctoral student, Sara Rutherford Quach "The Arizona Home Language Survey and the Identification of Students for ELL Services"
    • Kenji Hakuta "Affirming the Equal Rights of Language Minority Students"
    • Ray McDermott "Race and Intelligence"