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Formal Grammar 2006

Aims and Scope

FG is a series of conferences on Formal Grammar, held in conjunction with the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, which takes place yearly in Europe. FG provides a forum for the presentation of new and original research on formal grammar, with particular regard to the application of formal methods to natural language analysis.

Themes of interest include, but are not limited to,

  • formal and computational phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics;
  • model-theoretic and proof-theoretic methods in linguistics;
  • constraint-based and resource-sensitive approaches to grammar;
  • learnability of formal grammar;
  • the integration of stochastic and symbolic models of grammar;
  • foundational, methodological and architectural issues in grammar.

Editors' note

FG-2006 took place with ESSLLI 2006 in Malaga, Spain on July 29-30, 2006. This year's conference included 12 contributed papers covering, as usual, a wide range of topics in formal grammar. In addition to the papers included in this volume, the conference also featured two invited talks by

Josef van Genabith, Dublin City University
Parsing and Generation with Treebank-Based Probabilistic LFG Resources
Laura Kallmeyer, Universität Tübingen
Constraint-based Compositional Semantics in Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammars
We are grateful to the members of the Program Committee for their help in reviewing and ranking the twenty four submissions. We are indebted to all the authors who submitted papers to the meeting, and to all participants in the Conference.

Shuly Wintner, editor


The Proceedings are available as one PDF file and as individual chapters:

  • Front matter, including abstracts of invited talks (PDF)
  • Maxime Amblard. Treating clitics with Minimalist Grammars (PDF)
  • Houda Anoun and Alain Lecomte. Logical Grammar with Emptiness (PDF)
  • Maria Bulinska. P-TIME Decidability of NL! with Assumptions (PDF)
  • Jason Eisner and John Blatz. Transforming Parsing Algorithms and Other Weighted Logic Programs (PDF)
  • Carlos Gomez-Rodriguez, Miguel A. Alonso and Manuel Vilares. On Theoretical and Practical Complexity of TAG Parsers (PDF)
  • Stephan Kepser. Properties of Binary Transitive Closure Logic over Trees (PDF)
  • Aleksandra Kislak-Malinowska. Pregroups with modalities (PDF)
  • Rebecca Nesson and Stuart M. Shieber. Simpler TAG Semantics through Synchronization (PDF)
  • Sylvain Salvati. Encoding second order string ACGs with Deterministic Tree Walking Transducers. (PDF)
  • Edward Stabler. Sidewards without copying (PDF)
  • Jesse Tseng. English prepositional passives in HPSG (PDF)
  • Ryo Yoshinaka. Linearization of Affine Abstract Categorial Grammars (PDF)
  • List of authors (PDF)

Program Committee

  • Anne Abeille (Paris 7, FR)
  • Pierre Boullier (INRIA, FR)
  • Gosse Bouma (Groningen, NL)
  • Chris Brew (Ohio State, US)
  • Wojciech Buszkowski (Poznan, PL)
  • Miriam Butt (Universitaet Konstanz, DE)
  • Alexander Clark (Royal Holloway University, UK)
  • Berthold Crysmann (DFKI, DE)
  • Philippe de Groote (LORIA, FR)
  • Denys Duchier (LORIA, FR)
  • Tim Fernando (Trinity College, IE)
  • Annie Foret (IRISA - IFSIC, FR)
  • Nissim Francez (Technion, IL)
  • Gerhard Jaeger (University of Bielefeld, DE)
  • Aravind Joshi (UPenn, US)
  • Makoto Kanazawa (National Institute of Informatics,
  • Stephan Kepser (Tuebingen, DE)
  • Alexandra Kinyon (University of Pennsylvania, US)
  • Geert-Jan Kruijff (DFKI, DE)
  • Shalom Lappin (King's College, UK)
  • Larry Moss (Indiana, US)
  • Stefan Mueller (Universitaet Bremen, DE)
  • Mark-Jan Nederhof (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, NL)
  • James Rogers (Earlham College, US)
  • Robert van Rooij (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Ed Stabler (UCLA, US)
  • Hans Joerg Tiede (Illinois Wesleyan, US)
  • Jesse Tseng (LORIA, FR)
  • Willemijn Vermaat (Utrecht, NL)
  • Anssi Yli-Jyrae (Helsinki, FI)

Organizing committee

  • Paola Monachesi, OTS Utrecht
  • Gerald Penn, University of Toronto
  • Giorgio Satta, University of Padova
  • Shuly Wintner, University of Haifa

Proceedings of Formal Grammar, http://cslipublications.stanford.edu/FG/
Maintained by pubs@csli.stanford.edu and Shuly Wintner

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