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Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

Table of Contents

  • Download all of the following pdf files as one big document (7.3M).

  • Contributions to the Main Conference
    • Alahverdzhieva, Katya and Lascarides, Alex (UNiversity of Edinburgh)

      Analysing Speech and Co-Speech Gesture in Constraint-based Grammars

    • Assmann, Anke, Heck, Fabian, Hein, Johannes, Keine, Stefan and Müller, Gereon (Universität Leipzig)

      Does Chain Hybridization in Irish Support Movement-Based Approaches to Long-Distance Dependencies?

    • Arnold, Doug and Borsley, Robert D. (University of Essex)

      Auxiliary-Stranding Relative Clauses

    • Bildhauer, Felix and Cook, Philippa (Freie Universität Berlin)

      German Multiple Fronting and Expected Topic-Hood

    • Borsley, Robert D (University of Essex)

      An HPSG Approach to Welsh Unbounded Dependencies

    • Chaves, Rui P. (University at Buffalo)

      On the Syntax and Semantics of vice versa

    • Cook, Philippa and Ørsnes, Bjarne (Freie Universität Berlin)

      Coherence with adjectives in German

    • Flickinger, Dan (Stanford University)

      Prescription and Explanation – Using an HPSG implementation to teach writing skills

    • Hemforth, Barbara (LPNCog, CNRS, IUPPD-Université Paris-Descartes), Fayol, Michel (LAPSCO, CNRS, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand) and Pacton, Sébastien (LPNCog, CNRS, IUPPD-Université Paris-Descartes)

      Usage-based Preferences in Written Sentence Production: The Role of Local and Global Statistics

    • Islam, Md. Sadiqul, Masum, Mahmudul Hasan, Bhuyan, Md. Shariful Islam and Ahmed, Reaz (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka)

      Arabic Nominals in HPSG: A Verbal Noun Perspective

    • Kim, Jong-Bok (Kyung Hee), Yang, Jaehyung (Kangnam) and Song, Sanghoun (University of Washington)

      Korean Comparative Constructions: A Constraint-Based Approach and Computational Implementation

    • Koenig, Jean-Piere and Michelson, Karin (Buffalo University)

      Invariance in argument realization: The case of Iroquoian

    • Levine, Robert (Ohio State University)

      Polarity and auxiliaryhood (pseudo)entanglement: the ellipsis pattern of modal need

    • Maché, Jacob (Freie Universität Berlin)

      Towards a compositional analysis of verbless directives in German

    • Melnik, Nurit (Oranim AC)

      Modal Predicates in Modern Hebrew

    • Sailer, Manfred (Univesity of Göttingen)

      The Family of English Cognate Object Constructions

    • Samvelian, Pollet (Université de Paris 3) and Tseng, Jesse (CNRS)

      Persian Object Clitics and the Syntax-Morphology Interface

  • Contributions to the Workshop
    • Brown, Dunstan (University of Surrey) and Evans, Roger (University of Brighton)

      Inflectional Defaults and Principal Parts: an Empirical Investigation

    • Corbett, Greville G. (University of Surrey)

      Classic Problems at the Syntax-Morphology Interface: Whose are They?

    • Crysmann, Berthold (Universität Bonn and Universität des Saarlandes)

      Discontinuous Negation in Hausa

    • Léonard, Jean-Léo (Paris 3, IUF) and Kihm, Alain (CNRS, Paris 7)

      Verb Inflection in Chiquihuitlán Mazatec: a Fragment and a PFM Approach

    • Singh, Smriti and Sarma, Vaijayanthi M (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

      Hindi Noun Inflection and Distributed Morphology

    • Spencer, Andrew (University of Essex)

      Lexical Relatedness and the Lexical Entry – a Formal Unification

    • Stump, Greg (University of Kentucky)

      Paradigm templates, stem patterns and lexical representations

    • Tribout, Delphine (LLF and Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7)

      How Many Conversions from Verb to Noun Are There in French?

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