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Gazdik, Anna: On the Syntax-Discourse Interface in Hungarian

In this paper, I investigate the syntax-discourse interface in Hungarian and propose the first steps of its formalization in the framework of Lexical-Functional Grammar. Concerning the syntax, I propose a flat structure in Hungarian, in which the preverbal domain is determined by the information structure. I examine the distribution of elements in the topic field and the Prominent Preverbal Position (PPP), and point out that they can be filled differently depending on the discourse context of the utterance. I also observe that the information structure used in the mainstream LFG literature is not general enough to accommodate two important discourse functions: the contrastive topic and the hocus. This is why a new architecture is put forth, building on the common features and not the discourse functions themselves, that can account for the Hungarian data more adequately. The syntax-discourse interface is then exposed via the mappings between the constituent and information structures.

Maintained by Stefan Müller

Created: November 16, 2011
Last modified: January 09, 2019

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