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Bai, Justin & Dąbkowski, Maksymilian & Pride, Kalinda & Tomlin, Nicholas: Yucatec Maya in SBCG: A Fragment

Yucatec Maya is a Mesoamerican language spoken by about a million speakers primarily in the Yucatan Peninsula. We present parts of a grammatical fragment with particular emphasis on the pronominal system, verbal morphosyntax, focus, deictic clitics and topicalization through the lens of Sign-Based Construction Grammar (SBCG) (Boas & Sag 2012). We adapt the analysis of Yucatecan headedness and constituency from Bohnemeyer (1998) and Bohnemeyer (2002), in which sentences are VOS-ordered and must be headed by a predicate, but not by the verb. We show that the combination of SBCG with the predicate-head analysis allows a parsimonious account of disparate constructions that have shared characteristics.


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Created: October 21, 2017
Last modified: January 09, 2019

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