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Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

Table of Contents

  • Download all of the following pdf files as one big document (2.7M).

  • Contributions to the Main Conference
    • Alsulami, Abeer (King Saud University, Riyadh), Arnold, Doug and Borsley, Robert D. (University of Essex)

      Simple and Complex Comparatives in Modern Standard Arabic

    • An, Aixiu and Abeillé, Anne (LLF, University Paris Diderot)

      Agreement and interpretation of binominals in French

    • Arad Greshler, Tali (University of Haifa) and Melnik, Nurit (The Open University of Israel)

      Backward control in Modern Standard Arabic

    • Bai, Justin, Dąbkowski, Maksymilian, Pride, Kalinda and Tomlin, Nicholas (Brown University)

      Yucatec Maya in SBCG: A Fragment

    • Ball, Douglas (Truman State University)

      ``VP'' Adverbs without a VP: The syntax of adverbs in Tongan

    • Borsley, Robert D. (University of Essex)

      Explanations and `Engineering Solutions'? Aspects of the Relation between Minimalism and HPSG

    • Broadwell, George Aaron (University of Florida)

      Parallel affix blocks in Choctaw

    • Crysmann, Berthold (Laboratoire de linguistique formelle, CNRS)

      Resumption and case: A new take on Modern Standard Arabic

    • Crysmann, Berthold (Laboratoire de linguistique formelle, CNRS) and Bonami, Olivier (Laboratoire de linguistique formelle, U Paris-Diderot)

      Atomistic and holistic exponence in Information-based Morphology

    • Dąbkowski, Maksymilian (Brown University)

      Yucatecan Control and Lexical Categories in SBCG

    • Diaz, Thomas, Koenig, Jean-Pierre and Michelson, Karin (University at Buffalo (SUNY))

      Oneida prepronominal prefixes in Information-Based Morphology

    • Haugereid, Petter (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)

      An incremental approach to gapping and conjunction reduction

    • Hepburn-Gray, Robert (University at Buffalo (SUNY))

      Against Split Morphology

    • Kay, Paul (University of California, Berkeley) and Michaelis, Laura (University of Colorado Boulder)

      Partial Inversion in English

    • Lee, Sarah Hye-yeon (University of Southern California)

      The Syntax of the not only ... but also ... Construction

    • Maekawa, Takafumi (Ryukoku University)

      English prepositional numeral constructions

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