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Zamaraeva, Olga & Emerson, Guy: Multiple Question Fronting without Relational Constraints: An Analysis of Russian as a Basis for Cross-Linguistic Modeling

We present an analysis of multiple question fronting in a restricted variant of the HPSG formalism (DELPH-IN) where unification is the only natively defined operation. Analysing multiple fronting in this formalism is challenging, because it requires carefully handling list appends, something that HPSG analyses of question fronting heavily rely on. Our analysis uses the append list type to address this challenge. We focus the testing of our analysis on Russian, although we also integrate it into the Grammar Matrix customization system where it serves as a basis for cross-linguistic modeling. In this context, we discuss the relationship of our analysis to lexical threading and conclude that, while lexical threading has its advantages, modeling multiple extraction cross-linguistically is easier without the lexical threading assumption.

Maintained by Stefan Müller

Created: October 15, 2020
Last modified: April 15, 2021

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