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The Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

University of California, Berkeley, 22-23 July, 2000

Editors: Dan Flickinger and Andreas Kathol
2001 CSLI Publications
ISSN 1535-1793

Editors' Note The 2000 HPSG conference was held as part of the larger Berkeley Formal Grammar Conference, which also included the annual LFG conference (19-20 July) and a day of common workshops (21 July). Dan Flickinger was the program chair and Andreas Kathol was in charge of local arrangements. They would like to thank each other for putting a fine conference together. Dan would in addition like to thank the members of the program committee: Gosse Bouma, Georgia Green, Takao Gunji, Tibor Kiss, Dimitra Kolliakou, Rob Malouf, Detmar Meurers, Chris Manning, Paola Monachesi, Tsuneko Nakazawa, Louisa Sadler, Ivan Sag, and Stephen Wechsler. Andreas would like to thank Larry Hyman (UC Berkeley Linguistics Department) for financial and moral supprt and Paula Floro for logistical assistance during the conference.

As has been customary in the past, the program chair and the local chair are responsible for making the work presented at the conference available to a wider audience. While in the previous three years, this involved editing a refereed volume published by CSLI Publications, we have now moved to an unrefereed electronic format, which we hope will make new work available faster to a larger audience.

The table of contents lists all the papers presented at the conference. Some papers were not submitted to the proceedings. For these papers, we suggest contacting the authors directly via the e-mail addresses also provided as part of the table of contents.

LFG '00 Conference

The proceedings of the LFG '00 part of the Berkeley Formal Conference, edited by Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King, are listed in a separate table of contents.

Workshops of the Berkeley Formal Grammar Conference

Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King also edited the proceedings of the workshops from the Berkeley Formal Grammar Conference, held in conjunction with LFG '00 and HPSG '00. The table of contents lists the workshops and their papers.

Maintained by Andreas Kathol

Created: March 2001

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