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Proceedings of the First LFG Conference Table of Contents

Papers from the General Session

  • Farrell Ackerman and Gert Webelhuth
    The Construct Predicate: Empirical arguments and theoretical status
  • Alex Alsina
    Resultatives: A Joint Operation of Semantic and Syntactic Structures
  • J. Gabriel Amores and Jose F. Quesada
    Lekta: A tool for the development of efficient LFG-based Machine Translation systems
  • I. Wayan Arka and Stephen Wechsler
    Argument Structure and Linear Order in Balinese Binding
  • Peter Austin
    Ergativity, Clitics and Grammatical Relations in Sasak
    (not submitted)
  • Emily Bender
    On the verbal status of Mandarin ba
    (no longer available)
  • Judith Berman
    Topicalization vs. Left Dislocation of Sentential Arguments in German
  • Adams Bodomo
    Complex Verbal Predicates: the case of serial verbs in Dagaare and Akan
  • Caroline Brun
    Using Priority Union for Non-Constituent Coordination in LFG
    (not submitted)
  • Miriam Butt and Tracy Holloway King
    Structural Topic and Focus without Movement
  • Lian-Cheng Chief
    An LFG Account of Mandarin Reflexive Verbs
    (not submitted)
  • Max Copperman and Frederique Segond
    Computational grammars and ambiguity: the bare bones of the situation
  • Richard Crouch and Josef van Genabith
    Context Change and Underspecification in Glue Language Semantics
  • Christopher Culy
    Personal Prounouns and systems of pronominal binding
    (not submitted)
  • Thierry Declerck
    Modeling Information-Passing with the LFG-Workbench
  • Anette Frank
    A Note on Complex Predicate Formation: Evidence from Auxiliary Selection, Reflexivization, and Past Participle Agreement in French and Italian
  • Josef van Genabith and Richard Crouch
    F-structures, QLFs and UDRSs
  • Esther Koenig and Uwe Reyle
    A General Reasoning Scheme for Underspecified Representations
  • Tibor Laczkó
    Lexical Mapping Theory and Possessors in Noun Phrases
    (not submitted)
  • Helge Lodrup
    Underspecification in Lexical Mapping Theory: the Case of Norwegian Existentials and Resultatives
    (not submitted)
  • Maria Teresa Lopez and Maria Gabriela Fernandez-Diaz
    Integration of Semantic Patterns and Statistical Information for an LFG-based Parser
    (not submitted)
  • Christopher D. Manning
    Argument Structure as a Locus for Binding Theory
    (pdf -- a4, pdf )
  • John T. Maxwell III and Ronald M. Kaplan
    Unification-based Parsers that Automatically Take Advantage of Context Freeness
  • John T. Maxwell III and Christopher D. Manning
    A Theory of Non-constituent Coordination based on Finite-State Rules
  • K.P. Mohanan and Tara Mohanan
    Semantic Representation in the Architecture of LFG
    (not submitted)
  • Wataru Nakamura
    Case Spreading/Stacking in Korean: Evidence for the Macrorole Tier
    (not submitted)
  • Paula S. Newman
    Representing 2P Clitic Placement in LFG
  • Rachel Nordlinger and Joan Bresnan
    Nonconfigurational Tense in Wambaya
  • Bjarne Oersnes
    Prominence relations and a-structure: evidence from Danish synthetic compounding
  • Owen Rambow
    Word Order, Clause Union, and the Formal Machinery of Syntax
  • Malka Rappaport Hovav and Beth Levin
    Two Types of Derived Accomplishments
  • Victoria Rosén
    The LFG Architecture and Verbless Syntactic Constructions
  • Mariko Saiki
    An Analysis of the Passive in Japanese: where does the Indirect Passive in Japanese come from?
    (not submitted)
  • Christoph Schwarze
    The Syntax of Romance Auxiliaries
  • Ida Toivonen
    Finnish Possessive Suffixes in Lexical-Functional Grammar
    (not submitted)
  • Nigel Vincent and Kersti Börjars
    Suppletion and Syntactic Theory

Keynote Addresses

  • Joan Bresnan
    LFG in an OT Setting: Modelling Competition and Economy
  • Ronald M. Kaplan
    A probabilistic approach to Lexical-Functional analysis

Further Presentations:

These presentations were not submitted as papers either to the original hardcopy proceedings, or to this on-line version. But - you could still try your luck by asking the presenters for a copy of their paper in retrospect (or at least a copy of the handout/slides).

Conference/Workshop Presentations

  • Mary Dalrymple, John Lamping and Vijay Saraswat
    Levels of Semantic Representation in LFG
  • Elisabet Engdahl
    A multi-dimensional approach to focus-background realisation
    (not submitted)
  • Stella Markantonatou
    Complex Predicate Formation as semantic allomorphism: the case of English resultatives
    (not submitted)
  • Tara Mohanan
    Word order and locative inversion: implications for argument hierarchy
    (not submitted)
  • Jane Simpson
    Preferred word order and grammaticalisation of associated path in some Australian languages
    (not submitted)

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