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Putting it All Together: Agreement, Incorporation, Coordination and External Possession in Wubuy (Australia)

Brett Baker, Kate Horrack, Rachel Nordlinger and Louisa Sadler


Link to pdf of paper

In this paper we examine the interaction of a number of grammatical phenomena in Wubuy, a polysynthetic language from northern Australia, and show how they can be given a comprehensive analysis within the framework of LFG. While each of these phenomena -- noun incorporation, verbal agreement, coordination and external possession -- has received various treatments within the LFG literature, no one study has addressed the compatibility of these analyses under interaction, despite the fact that they frequently co-occur in the world's languages. We use data from Wubuy to showcase the effects of this interaction, and investigate the implications for LFG and LFG analyses of polysynthetic languages more generally.

Link to pdf of paper

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