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Two Movement Paradoxes in Zapotec

George Aaron Broadwell


Link to pdf of paper

Bresnan (2001) has drawn attention to movement paradoxes in syntactic theory. These are cases where the category of a constituent in a derived position differs from the category of the same constituent when it is in situ. San Dionisio Ocotepec Zapotec (SDZ), an Otomanguean language of Mexico, also shows a movement paradox. For a number of verbs with semantics like 'cover/fill/be spread' which subcategorize for a Theme and a Location, the usual argument realization has two NPs after the V. However, when the Theme occurs in an "extraposed" position, it may optionally appear as a PP. This phenomenon finds a natural explanation in LFG, which allows the same grammatical function to have a different categorial realization in different parts of the c-structure.

Link to pdf of paper

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