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Particle Verbs in Computational LFGs: Issues from English, German, and Hungarian

Martin Forst, Tracy Holloway King and Tibor Laczkó


Link to pdf of paper

We present the ways in which particle verbs are implemented in two relatively mature computational grammars, the English and the German ParGram LFGs, and we address the issues that arise with respect to particle verbs in the development of a computational LFG for Hungarian. Considerations concerning the ParGram LFG implementation of productive Hungarian particle + verb combinations raise questions as to their treatment in the other two grammars. In addition to providing analyses for English, German, and Hungarian particle verbs, we use these phenomena to highlight how constraints on available lexical resources can affect the choice of analysis and how detailed implementations of related phenomena in typologically different languages can positively guide the analyses in all of the languages.

Link to pdf of paper

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